SEAP_Alps Action Tool

  1. To start with, please select one of the major fields of action. SEAPs comprise nine fields of action (e.g. municipal buildings or transport or local electricity production,... see no. A1 - K7).
  2. Then you can choose from the topics which are listed within this specific field of action.
  3. Finally you can select one or several projects which are of special interest to you.

 For more information on writing the SEAP document go to SEAP - step by step.

Action Tool

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 Select actions and open project sheets by clicking on the attachments
previewOpen a preview of the selected project sheet
 Add project sheet to Action Basket for later downloading
 Delete project sheet from Action Basket
 Projects with adaptation topics are marked by an umbrella
 After collection of several project sheets, go to the Action Basket.
To load the updated list in the right navigation, refresh the view (button F5 for MS Windows
Action Basket

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