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You are planning a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)?

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SEAP_Alps recommends the following procedure:

  1. Build a working group and appoint a local representative or/and a project manager.
  2. Gather all information on what has been done so far within your municipality with respect to energy, climate mitigation and climate adaptation. Carry out a comprehensive energy and CO2 emission inventory to obtain a clear picture of your current situation in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions with sectors comprising economy, private households and transport. This task will often be accomplished by a service company which also supports the development of the concept. The elaboration of a business as usual scenario and comparison with the SEAP scenario for 2020 is highly recommended at this stage.
  3. Select projects that help reducing the energy consumption of your municipality and foster the use of renewable energy. Suitable adaptation measures also need to be included in your task list. The projects or campaigns should be focussed on all target groups and include citizens as well as companies.
  4. For each project or campaign you want to implement into your SEAP you need to draft a short description, list responsibilities, costs,  envisioned energy savings, relevant actors and target groups and CO2 emission reductions (as far a possible). Develop a planning with actions that can be implemented immediately, a framework document of long term for the overall project direction and a multiannual programme both on the actions of the direct responsibilities of the municipality and on the conducted shares, independently, by the actors of the territory.
  5. Include the action plan and the modified project descriptions into your SEAP document. This part is going to be the core element of the SEAP.
  6. Finally you present the completed SEAP document and action plan to the relevant council of your municipality.

On the  SEAP_Alps Training Platform you will find more information on how to implement a SEAP and how to set-up a plan for adaptation to climate change. A short description of how to write a SEAP can be downloaded as pdf: Instruction on how to write a SEAP.

The Action Tool will help accomplishing steps 3 and 4 (see above). It provides ideas and best practice for possible fields of actions and offers ready-to-use word documents for your projects and actions that can be adapted to the special needs of your municipality.

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