Municipality of Coazze

Key data
Administrative regionPiemonte Region (Metropolitan City of Turin)
Inhabitants3339 (Census 2013)
Altitude (masl.)750 m asl
Main economic sectors1. Tourism
2. Agriculture
3. Services
Climate action background
Membership in climate initiativesYes
Name of climate initiativesCovenant of Mayors
Commitments to climate mitigation
and / or adaptation measures
NO, the SEAP is being drafted
Name the commitmentEmissions reduction
Administrative structures adapted to challenges connected with climate changeNo
Main fields of climate action so farBuildings, equipment / facilities and industries
Local electricity production
Awareness raising
For advanced municipalities
Key monitoring data: on the development of CO2 emissions (t. per inhabitant, etc.) and further indicators (f.e. modal split, recycling rates, etc.)Emissions:
Not available yet


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The Municipality of Orbassano started its energy planning process in 2013 by joining the Covenant of Mayors and the SEAP_Alps project. The job has been focused on drafting a Sustainable Energy Action Plan, by analyzing the energy and emissions balances for the whole territory and identifying the best solutions for achieving or even exceeding a 20% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2020. 

In the frame of the project SEAP_Alps, an online Action Tool has been developed which provides valuable assistance to municipalities and working groups in finding out which sustainable energy projects can be considered for the action plan. Within each area of intervention a variety of possible actions are displayed, complemented by examples which are provided in project sheets. These project sheets can be selected and downloaded as word files for further modification.


will be the motto of the SEAP_Alps final conference which will take place on Monday, 23 March 2015 at the Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection, Munich, Germany, Rosenkavalierplatz 2.


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