Energy and environmental centre Allgaeu (eza!)

Energie- und Umweltzentrum Allgäu

eza!, the Energie- & Umweltzentrum Allgäu (energy & environmental centre Allgaeu) is a non-profit corporation that was founded by the municipalities of the Allgäu, by businesses and action groups to promote both energy efficiency and renewable energies. The motto of eza! is "answers to energy questions".

eza! offers a wide range of services. They include media work and organisation of events, energy consultations, training schemes for professionals and support for local and regional energy policies. eza! continuously follows the most recent developments in technology and the market in the fields of renewable energies and efficient use of energy, with a main focus on energy use in buildings.

Fields of Acitivities

events and media work

The Old Buildings Days are an important highlight in the yearly work of eza!. Every year since 2000, 10.000 visitors are counted during the event that offers an interesting program including 100 oral and practical presentations. Each time the 100 exhibitors report very high levels of interest among the visitors. The Passive House Days are a new annual information event for home builders and landlords about low energy houses and passive houses.

energy consultations

eza!'s core service is the field of energy consultations. In cooperation with the municipalities forty local offices and their unbiased experts provide information free of charge for the inhabitants of the Allgäu region.

partner network

More than 130 businesses in the building and energy industries, including architects, building contractors and craftsmen, belong to the eza!-partner Network. Each member of the network agrees to train its own energy specialist on the training days provided by eza! and to implement the quality assurance system provided by eza!.


eza! is well known as an further education institution for energy and building professionals. The most important parts of the education and training program are the "Energy Consultant Course" for craftsmen, the highly successful course "Energy Refurbishment of Buildings" for architects and engineers and the course for architects "design of passive houses". Seminars on different up-to-date topics complete the program.

energy program for municipalities

The main focus of the eza! energy program is to accompany and to advice municipalities. The program provides local authorities with comenergy managementprehensive support in all fields of energy policy in order to improve energy efficiency and to promote renewable energy sources. Successful municipalities will be honoured with the European Energy Award®.

energy management

eza! provides services in the field of energy management for buildings, facilities and plants in order to reduce their energy consumption. By monthly consumption controls and by optimisation of the user's behaviour eza! assists the facility owners – mostly local authorities – to reduce their energy costs. Additional consultation services facilitate investment decisions for new buildings or refurbishments.

climate protection

The action program “climate protection – the Allgäu is acting” launched by the Allgäu Initiative aims at a general reduction of CO emissions in the Allgäu region. It focuses on the “Allgäu CO -diet” for consumers, municipalities, companies and initiatives. All participants have the additional opportunity to compensate their remaining greenhouse gas emissions by supporting climate protection projects in the Allgäu region.


  • to support sustainability measures, renewable energies and energy efficiency in politics, economy and private households in the Allgaeu Region


Eza! Was founded 1998 by the municipalities of the Allgaeu.

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On 31 May 2015 the SEAP_Alps project will be finalized, and the partnership looks back to numerous fruitful results and good cooperation. The objective of the project was to promote energy planning at local level, boosting the capacity of project partners in supporting small and medium municipalities in the drafting of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors voluntarily commit to increasing energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy sources in their municipality. More than 6000 local authorities are part of the European initiative. They do not only use the political signal strength at the European level, but also instruments free of charge to achieve their ambitious climate objectives.

Energy efficiency of public buildings contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and is one the measures in the preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). In the framework of the project SEAP Alps the measures will be achieved together with local authorities, stakeholders and energy agencies. By 2020 municipalities will provide an enormous contribution to the reduction of CO2.

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