City of Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee

 The municipal authorities of the provincial capital Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee are the administrative body of Carinthia a province of Austria. Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee has an area of 120,07 km² and about 94.000 inhabitants. Nearby are the borders from Italy and Slovenia. It is primarily the department of Environmental Protection that is involved in the project. This department has got 20 employees and is responsible for environmental monitoring (air, water and noise), projects and subsidies in the field of environmental protection, public relations work on subjects of environmental relevance and the drawing up of specialist reports.

Membership in international networks (e.g.)

  • Climate Alliance of European Communities
  • European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign
  • International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives – ICLEI
  • WHO Network of Healthy Towns of Austria
  • European Energy Award
  • Covenant of Mayor

Current running projects

  • EU Project REZIPE (Central Europe) Renewable Energies for Zero Emission Transport in Europe,
  • CEMOBIL (EU LIFE+) CO2-neutral E-mobility in European Cities to Reduce Air Pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, NO2) and Noise Demonstrated in KIagenfurt, Austria,
  • EU Project PMinter (Operationel Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013) The interregional interaction of residential heating and traffic related measures with the PM-levels in the Slovenian-Austrian border region,
  • CMA+ (EU LIFE+) PM10 reduction by the application of liquid Calcium-Magnesium-Acetate (CMA) in the Austrian and Italian cities Klagenfurt, Bruneck and Lienz,
  • EU Project CoP (Central Europe) Cities on Power,
  • POLYWOOD (EU LIFE+) Polygeneration of Fuels, Heat and Electricity from Wood, www.polywood.a t
  • E-LOG Klagenfurt (Austrian Climate and Energy Fond), E-vehicles for enterprises/service provider 
Further information about the city and their projects



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On 31 May 2015 the SEAP_Alps project will be finalized, and the partnership looks back to numerous fruitful results and good cooperation. The objective of the project was to promote energy planning at local level, boosting the capacity of project partners in supporting small and medium municipalities in the drafting of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors voluntarily commit to increasing energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy sources in their municipality. More than 6000 local authorities are part of the European initiative. They do not only use the political signal strength at the European level, but also instruments free of charge to achieve their ambitious climate objectives.

Energy efficiency of public buildings contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and is one the measures in the preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). In the framework of the project SEAP Alps the measures will be achieved together with local authorities, stakeholders and energy agencies. By 2020 municipalities will provide an enormous contribution to the reduction of CO2.

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