RA Sinergija

Deveopment Agency Sinergija, Moravske TopliceDevelopment agency Sinergija is a non-profit organization that was established in February 1998 as a local development agency for fostering of entrepreneurship, for coordination of the economy and spiritual development in the countryside.

Sinergija is striving for its influence and its contribution to the development of the local development coalition region/developmental partnership and the local inhabitants by means of stimulation and support to the citizens by activation of their potentials for achievement of synergy effects.

The vision of the Development agency Sinergija is to establish for inhabitants in the municipalities’ members of the development coalition/developmental partnership such favourable conditions in order to offer them as much as real possibilities for the local comfort and the overall success.

Moreover the Development agency Sinergija is:

  • the main implementation body for establishment of the Local Energy Agency in Pomurje;
  • the leading organization by the initiative for establishment of the Slovenian Energy Sustainable Municipalities network (SESaM);
  • the holder of the BISE process in Slovenia;
  • is continuously involved in implementation of many different projects from the field of renewable energy sources and rational energy use both at national or at European levels, for instance: BIOBUSINESS, MODEL, PRO.MOTION, RESINBUIL, PROBIO, EPOMM-PLUS, T-JAM, ISEMOA, BIOGASIN;
  • Sinergija is also acting as the holder of activities in the field of human resources: it is the partner by the project Activities of the Long-life Learning Center and use of the computer technology (ICT); Sinergija is the holder of public programs like UŽU-BIPS (Read and write together), UŽU-IP (Challenges of the countryside) and the Computer literacy for adults; the forth year running Sinergija is the regional coordinator of the Long-life Learning Week, in the frame of which different educational, promotional, informational-advising, social and cultural events for fostering the long-life learning idea are organized.

RA Sinergija offers support to the networking and mobility management as in the Pomurje region so in Slovenia. The mission of RA Sinergija is defined with the following program measures:

  • to connect the public and the entrepreneurship interests with the development targets of the local environment;
  • to foster the development of entrepreneurship and the small husbandry;
  • to implement the tasks from the development programs of the local region;
  • to establish the quality support to entrepreneurs / potential entrepreneurs;
  • to establish the professional (specific) support to municipality administrations.

Razvojna agencija Sinergija Kranjčeva 3
9226 Moravske Toplice

Tel: ++386 (0)2 538 13 56+386 (0)2 538 13 56
Fax: ++386 (0)2 538 13 55
E-mail: sinergija@ra-sinergija.si
I-net: www.ra-sinergija.si


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On 31 May 2015 the SEAP_Alps project will be finalized, and the partnership looks back to numerous fruitful results and good cooperation. The objective of the project was to promote energy planning at local level, boosting the capacity of project partners in supporting small and medium municipalities in the drafting of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors voluntarily commit to increasing energy efficiency and the use of sustainable energy sources in their municipality. More than 6000 local authorities are part of the European initiative. They do not only use the political signal strength at the European level, but also instruments free of charge to achieve their ambitious climate objectives.

Energy efficiency of public buildings contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and is one the measures in the preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). In the framework of the project SEAP Alps the measures will be achieved together with local authorities, stakeholders and energy agencies. By 2020 municipalities will provide an enormous contribution to the reduction of CO2.

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